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Piet Retief was born on 12 November 1780 in the Wagenmakersvallei, (known as Wellington today), Cape Province. He was the fifth of 10 children of Jacobus, a farmer and Debora Retief. His ancestors were from Provence in France. Piet Retief lived with his father until he was 27, after which he left the farm.

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Pieter Retief Pieter Retief (1780-1838) was a South African emigrant leader. Some historians call him the first "president" of the Dutch-speaking people of South Africa. He gave expression to the racial policies of his people and formulated their republican ideals.

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Piet Retief, (born Nov. 12, 1780, near Wellington, Cape Colony [now in South Africa]—died Feb. 6, 1838, Natal [now in South Africa]), one of the Boer leaders of the Great Trek, the invasion of African lands in the interior of Southern Africa by Boers seeking to free themselves from British rule in the Cape Colony.