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Maisha Mabati Mills Company sensed the need to be able to supply high-quality roofing sheets with a longer lifespan in local as well as regional market. This is what made it build the third best state of the art Alu-zinc plant in Africa in the year 2013. This is located at Ruiru Kenya. Products: Maisha Tile; Maisha Mabati 11/3; Maisha Alu-Zinc ...

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G 30 ksh 650 G 28 ksh 800. Ruiru Mabati Factory is one of the leading manufacturers of roofing products. With over 10 years' experience, we offer the best quality mabati at the most affordable prices. With our state of the art manufacturing facility, we manufacture an array of high quality, long lasting and beautiful roofing solutions that ...

Maisha Packaging

They consist of UV Protection from 200 to 1600 hours, also being high strength with increased tear resistance. Maisha Packaging Company Limited is a member of the Devki Group Of Companies established in 2014. At Maisha Packaging, quality control is extremely important to us to ensure our customer's needs are always met to the highest of ...

MAISHA ALU-ZINC MABATI 11/3 – Maisha Mabati

Maisha Alu-zinc is a flat carbon steel sheet from Maisha Mabati Mills Ltd, setting the regular for dry and protected roofing. This product combines attractive aesthetics with proven resilience. Aesthetically attractive, determinately durable Maisha Alu-zinc's natural spangled silver aspect lends an attractive aesthetical appearance to the ...

Taifa Mabati Mills

Taifa Mabati Mills Ltd products are KEBS Tested and Quality approved. Taifa Mabati Mills Ltd provides Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Taifa Mabati Offers a wide range of products and services as listed below; (i) Roofing Mabati Products: - Bingwa Box Profile - Bingwa Tile - Bingwa Longtile - Bingwa Granito Tiles - Roofing Ridges & Valleys - Roofing Nails & Rubber …

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Imarisha Box. Heat resistance and noise resistant. Water harvesting is very safe and has a fade free warranty of 5 years. Standard measurement is from 2M 2.5M & 3 M. Special Lengths available at NO extra cost. Lightweight and easy to …

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KSh 1,315 KSh 1,215. Maisha Rahisi – Shop for this Dumu Zas Mabati 3m 30G on Kenya's largest online store. For All your Quality Assured Trusted Brands. . Send goods upcountry, Affordably Conveniently. ORDER NOW for the Dumu Zas Mabati 3m 30G at COPIA KENYA and enjoy free delivery to Mashinani or City Outskirts in two to four days.

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Maisha Mabati Limited; News; 0. 0. All Products Marketo Close. Stone Coated Roof Tiles. Milano Tiles. Roman Tiles. Classic Tiles. Shingle Tiles. Color Coated Roofing Sheet. RSS820. YX15-225-900. YX25-205-820. YX35-247.5-990. YX25-205-820 (Arch) YX25-205-1025. PPGI Steel Coil. Wooden Design Prepainted Steel Coil.

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About Imarisha Mabati. Imarisha Mabati factory ltd is medium scale enterprise in production, sales and trade industry. We are located in the southern part of Nairobi Kenya, along Mombasa Road. With over 5 years of profiling, we have grown from a single roofing profile manufacturer to the current state production of over six roofing profiles and ...

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Our steel manufacturing equipment is supplied by the world's leading company for steel manufacturing equipment; Japan, Bronx Australia & Automation By Siemens Germany & Tenova Ceramic Zinc Cattle & its automation by Ajax Tocco, USA. We produce Steel sheets by using the latest technology machineries, dedicated and well-experienced staff.

Maisha Mabati 2m 30G (6.5ft) - Copia Kenya

> Maisha mabati 2m 30G. Weight: 3.55 kg: Related products Add to Favourites. KC101. Ironsheets Dumu zas Mabati 2.5m 30G (8ft) KSh 1,100. Add to cart. Add to Favourites. KC776. Ironsheets Galsheet Covermax CX780 Tile Red 2.5m 30G (8ft) KSh 1,565. Add to cart. Add to Favourites. KC216. Ironsheets Maisha Mabati 3m 32G (10ft) KSh 1,025.

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The cost of roofing sheets in Kenya ranges from Sh300 per metre for the thinnest grade to Sh1,000 per metre for pre-painted high-quality sheets. Zentile Mabati (Gauge 28) from MRM goes for Sh945 per metre, while Versatile and Orientile Mabati are priced at Sh980 each. Elegantile Mabati costs Sh1,000.