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Save More Than History with 590X. EFCO's all-new 590X Steel Replica Window delivers the historic look you want and the modern performance your building needs. Specially designed for buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 590X costs a fraction of steel windows so you can increase your building's value for less.


We aim to be among the world's foremost players in the development, production and distribution of machines, components and accessories for lawn and garden maintenance, agriculture, forestry and industry, providing innovative products and services to maximise efficiency and convenience for our consumer and professional clients, ensuring they receive the best possible value.

KRIEGER KRX1000 12V автомашины үсрэлт, зөөврийн …

Агуулга 1 12V машины ЖАМП шинэхэн & зөөврийн цахилгаан банктай утасгүй цэнэглэгч нууж 2 зааварт 3 аюулгүй байдлын мэдээлэл 3.1 АНХААРУУЛГА 3.2 BATTERY хаях 3.3 тулгуурт 65 АНХААРУУЛГА 4 цэнэглэж 4.1 ТАНЫ ЖАМП гарааны 4.2 …

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Our Global Footprint. "EFCO is spread over 3 continents United States, Europe and Asia. ". Other than the above Sales Offices, EFCO India has three services centers, located at Hyderabad, Jamnagar and Kakinada. All these service centers are equipped with state-of-the-art portable and stationary valve repair and testing machines.

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Lapping is defined according to DIN 8589 and means machining with loose grain distributed in a liquid or paste. This lapping mixture is located between the workpiece and a lapping wheel. Since there is usually no heating of the lapping piece during lapping, deformation is eliminated.

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EFCO grinding/lapping portable machines for valves The EFCO TSV is a portable grinding and lapping machine with. efco grindinglapping portable machines for >Get Price; 2016 Zenith Group renowned model machines and into our existing processing iron Iron ore portable crusher efco grindinglapping portable machines for >Get Price

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ММ-ХҮНС мах ангилан боловсруулах үйлдвэр нь 2010 онд байгууллагын үндсэн үйл ажиллагаанд шаардлагатай мах, махан бүтээгдхүүнийг бэлтгэн …


Grinding speed up to 826.8"/s (21 m/s) Material removal rates of up to 0.08"/h (2mm/h) for Stellite 6 (dia. 13.8″, 350mm) and Stellite 21 (dia. 11.8", 300mm) 90% faster Patented Drive: electric 230/120 V, 50/60Hz or pneumatic 6-7 bar Request a Quote Request a Manual

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Ситерм Инженеринг ЕООД Изключителен представител на EFCO Maschinenbau за България и Северна Македония в продажбата на преносими и стационарни машини за обработка и ремонт на промишлена арматура (вентили, шибъри, кранове, клапани), наваряваща техника, изпитателни стендове и др. За EFCO От основаването си през 1978 г.


The EFCO TSV is a portable grinding and lapping machine with excenter for the machining of sealing faces of safety valves. The machine has two separate drives. This results in a cross-ground and absolutely flat sealing face. Work range: Power supply: DN 15 – 300 mm (1/2" – 12") electric 230 / 110 V, 50/60 Hz or pneumatic 6-7 bar ...

Машин асаагч зөөврийн төхөөрөмж

Уг машин асаагч зөөврийн цэнэглэгч нь 10000, 12000, 20000mAh-ын хүчин чадалтай байдгаас бид танд 20000 mAh-тай буюу 3.0 хүртэлх мотортой автомашиныг асаах чадалтай, дагалдах олон үйлдэлтэй CAR JUMP STARTER-г ...

Efco Sl-15 Gate Valve Grinding / Lapping Machine Accessories

Share - Efco Sl-15 Gate Valve Grinding / Lapping Machine Accessories. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Efco Sl-15 Gate Valve Grinding / Lapping Machine Accessories. About this product. About this product. Product Identifiers. Brand. Efco. MPN. SL15. eBay Product ID (ePID) 1959382084. Product Key Features. Function. Grinding, Lapping.


Tweet. Хэвлэх. ХАВХЛАГА. 1. Хаах юм; 2. Хий, шингэн, уур зэрэг зүйлийн буцах урсгалыг хаах техникт хэрэглэх хэрэгсэл; 3. Биеийн зарим сүв, хоолойн аман дээр нэг төгсгөлөөрөө бэхлэгдэж, цус болон ...


VALVA SERIES - EFCO USA, Inc. VALVA SERIES Home » Products » Grinding & Lapping Equipment » Portable Grinding & Lapping Equipment » VALVA SERIES Portable machines for grinding and lapping of flat sealing surfaces in globe and safety valves, valve disks, and flanges from DN ¼″–64″ (8–1600 mm). The EFCO VALVA: Simple, easy, one-man operation

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The EFCO GSS grinding tools are coated with cubic crystalline boron nitride (CBN) of grain size B252 with galvanic bond. Lapping. Lapping is a machining process to smooth surfaces. An abrasive embedded in a lubricant is used for lapping. In contrast to grinding where the abrasive is anchored to the backing material lapping works with moving ...


The EFCO product range includes portable and stationary valve-grinding and -lapping equipment for a great variety of applications: Valve Grinding and Lapping Machines for Flat Seats (VALVA) Valve Grinding and Lapping Machines for Conical Seats (VSK) Special Tools for the Grinding of Pipe Ends with Metallic 140° Lenticular Gaskets (LS)

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Мед Буян ХХК. Загвар: YX-18LDJ. Үйлдвэрлэгч: Biobase Co.,Ltd. Гарал үүсэл: БНХАУ. Тайлбар: Хэрэглэхэд хялбар, аюулгүй найдвартай ажиллагаатай. Аваарын хоёр хавхлага нь давхар аюулгүй байдлыг хангаж ...

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1.Ус хүргэлт 1-5тн цэвэр yc зил130 машинаар хүргэнэ. Мөн албан байгуулга айл зуслан лагерлуу ус хүргэнэ Утас:95690201 9569-ХХХХ 2.Ospring – Баллонтой Ус 18.9 литрийн савлагаатай ЦАЙРТАЙ ШҮЛТЛЭГ УС Та захиалгаа өмнөх өдөр нь өгөөрэй ...

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Efco blowers, in fact, are designed to meet the needs of gardeners and home users and also of groundcare professionals and public space maintenance workers. When it comes to working with power tools, the right equipment makes all the difference. Efco has all the Safety Apparel you need to get the job done safely.

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The EFCO GSS grinding tools are coated with cubic crystalline boron nitride (CBN) of grain size B252 with a galvanic bond. CBN – cubic crystalline boron nitride . CBN is highly suitable for the machining of long-chipping materials, such as tool steel, HSS, high-alloy steels etc., hardened to at